Saturday, April 3, 2021

4-3-2-1- PLAY!!!!

Opening Day today corresponds to todays date 4/3/21.  Not that it is short sleeve weather but we are open for play.  Frost delay and frozen greens I guess can be expected for early April.   The forecast for this week is looking better for some golf.  Work continues on filling stump holes.  We will be aerifying tees this week and continuing course improvements.  Spring is on the way.  

As good as we can get it for this time of year.   We were not able to roll or mow greens or even rake bunkers because they were frozen this morning.  

All stump shavings have 
been cleaned. Starting 
to fill with soil.  

Cutting down native areas is almost complete.  


You know it's cold when the sap staring to run but freezes on the limbs.   

In closing,  Work continues on the new deck and we are preparing the tennis court area for some much needed Landscaping.   We are off and running for 2021 and looking forward to a great season.   I would also like to add that our Assistant Superintendent,  Tim Elliot has taken a position at National Golf Links on Long Island.  We wish Tim the best of luck in the future.   Everyone have a great Easter.   

Friday, March 19, 2021


Large temperature swings has  March being March.  Last week was great, this week is cold.  Next week's forecast is more seasonable.  Hope they are right.   Spring clean up is well under way.  Greens and tees have been blown off and we have started fairway and rough clean up.  All branches and left over leaves are being removed.  We have our fair share of Goose droppings to clean up also.   Great to see some of the guys returning again.  It's been a long winter.   More staff is expected to return next Monday and a couple more to start in April.  Our goal next week is to aerify our greens using small holes (3/8") followed by approaches then tees.  We also will start preparing bunkers.  Planning on an April 1st open date.  Given good weather between now and then we should be able to present a good golf course.   No April fools here..   

Tony, Adonis, and Louis.  keeping warm with spring clean up.  Don't put away the winter coats just yet.

Work continues with stump clean up. Once debris is removed we will need to fill in the holes, then sod.

Good progress on the new deck.  

Nice remodel in the clubhouse.  All that remains are the 
finishing touches.  Along with Pro-shop 
Club House is ready to open April 1st also.  


Friday, March 12, 2021


We are going to open April 1st.  The last couple of days have been beautiful but not quite enough to completely open the course.   We have taken advantage though and continued our stump clean up.    

Working on stump shavings on a foggy but warm morning.   Some of
these are huge taking more than four truck loads. 

A lot has melted the past couple of days.  Opening in April will give us sometime
 to ready the golf course for play.  It's too soft and still a few pockets of
 snow.  What's that dark spot in the bottom of the picture?   Oh---its my shadow.   
haven't seen him in awhile 😁

Peeked under the cover on the 1st green.   Looking good.   Actually the whole
 course seems to have come through the winter in good shape.  
 I see no winter damage or disease.  

Work on back deck is coming along.  Steel delivered yesterday.   

Witchhazel blooming on #16.   One of the first native shrubs to bloom in early spring.   Our seasonal staff will start to return this coming Monday.  First order of business is Spring clean up. continue stumps, Prepare bunkers for play and start aerification.   Looking forward to a great season.    

Wednesday, March 3, 2021


Following one of the snowiest February's on record has us on hold heading into March.  I feel like I'm paying more attention to the long range weather forecasts trying to make plans for staff returning and course openings hoping for more of those 50 degree days.  Do I dare say 60?   Right now we continue to be on hold. 

We have a lot of melting to do before we can start our spring clean up.  
In between shoveling snow we did start cutting down the phragmites by the pond on 8 that block views of the green.  It was sprayed last fall with a herbicide.  It will take a few more years to get it under control but you have to start sometime.  

Work has continued on the new deck.  Another project that has been slowed down
due to the weather.  
Once we can get at it.  We have our work cut out for us removing all the 
stump shavings and filling holes.  

One thing for sure,  spring will arrive at some point.  After this year we are all suffering from Covid Cabin Fever and it will be great to get back on the course.   Stay tuned.......