Monday, September 6, 2021


Tropical Strom Ida had us scrambling just trying to get the course playable.  5.5 inches fell in a short period of time washing out bunkers and gravel cart paths.  Low areas became ponds and it was difficult just getting here with all the street closures.   Our newly constructed bunkers are paying big dividends.   In years past we would have had to pump out standing water and the sand would have become contaminated with subsoil.    Although they washed out the under lining the Better Billy Bunker held firm allowing us to just push the sand back in place.   Of course this just puts us further behind trying to get other work done.   We are behind in preparing our native areas for seed.  hopefully the weather moving forward will be a little more cooperative.  All in all we should count our blessings.   Things could have been much worse.  Our hearts and souls go out to the folks in Louisiana.   

This path leads to the tee on 8.  When the pond is this full it impacts the drainage across the valley on 1 and 18.  It took a couple of days for this to recede.   

This picture typifies the washouts we had.  Every bunker on the course needed some kind of attention.  The BBB Liner really helped.  No puddles in any of the bunkers and no contamination happened with the sand.   

It was a challenge just getting here.  A lot of the local roads were closed.  I had to make several detours before I found a way in.  This is the Sparkill creek just to the left of our 16 hole.  

The ducks and this Green Heron didn't seem to mind.  

Things had dried out enough by Friday that Linda from NYNJTC.  (New York-New Jersey Trail Conference) and Tom from Trillium Invasive species management inc.  were here inspecting and treating for Spotted Lantern Fly.  They have there work cut out trying to keep this invasive pest in check.   I've heard they are everywhere in central New Jersey and our Assistant was at Newark airport and he saw a bunch on a light pole.  If you spot any SLF in New York State make sure you report them to the DEC.  

Monday, August 30, 2021


Following up on last weeks post the aerification went very well. 
Fairways have almost entirely recouped with only a few holes still 
visible. Glad to say the same about greens.  We were able to start this 
past Friday with our regular hand mowers. This is the first time we 
have been able to get a good cut. Greens were a little on the 
slow side this past weekend but should continue to get better as time 
goes on. That is of course if the weather holds out. That seems to be a 
big "IF" looking at the forecast. Hopefully we don't get to much rain from 
hurricane Ida this week but special prayers for the folks being hit 
the hardest in Louisiana.
Getting a good cut on greens post aerification.  

A NEW PEST ENTERS ROCKLAND. I was checking out our planting around
our tennis courts when I saw a flash of red jump from a tree sapling. Upon further 
investigating I found a Spotted Lantern Fly. This is a New Invasive species recently 
reported in New York. Unfortunately, there have been other sightings in Rockland 
County. It seems we will be battling this pest for years to come. We will be 
working with the Invasive Species Citizen Science program, New York-
New Jersey Trail conference organization to help trap and contain this 
devastating pest in the next few days. Hopefully we can slow or stop the spread 
of this insect. They feed on the Tree of Heaven or Ailanthus tree. Which if 
that was all they did would be good because that tree is considered an 
invasive also!!! Unfortunately they will also feed on grapes and other 
fruit trees. They can be so prolific that you may need a sweeper to pick them up.
Spotted Lantern Fly I found on a tree of heaven sapling by our tennis courts.   

Monday, August 23, 2021


 It's Monday morning and coming in to the shop our rain gauge was almost over flowing.  A total of 4.25 inches of rain yesterday has the place flooded.    Hope the rains end soon to give the place a chance to dry out before our heat wave starts later this week.   Looks like summer may end with a flurry.    

Our aerification went very well.  Greens and Fairways were completed in record time with very little damage.   Time to let the healing begin.   It will only be a few short days before we are back to "normal".

Greens are looking good.   Because of all the sand we start with just rolling 
for a few days once the grass starts to look shaggy we bring out the mowers 
but it takes several mowing's to get a good cut because the sand dulls 
the blades quickly.   By the end of this week we should be able to start getting 
a good cut and the holes for the most part will be barely noticeable.   

With the course closed we took advantage and put up our new flag poles.  

This picture is starting to lift the pole in place.   We needed a crane to lift it.   

You now have something to aim at when playing number 4.   The 
Flag pole by the putting green was also replaced.  

The approach on #1 succumbed to a heat wave earlier this summer. We took
advantage of the course being closed and sodded this area.

The damaged sod was removed.  The soil underneath was not very good 
so we dug down several inches and replaced with a good soil mix.  

Sod was taken from our nursey.  Give this area some time and it will be as good as new.  

Hope this rain ends soon.   We have many bunkers washed out and drains to unclog.  If its not one thing its another.   I can tell you for sure that this job is never boring!!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2021


 No one likes aerification.  Especially when we are talking greens but it is a necessary evil to insure good conditions in the future.   I'm very happy to report that this years process went with out a hitch.   Greens have been aerified with 3/4" solid tines about 10" deep followed by our aerifier with 3/8" solid tines.  All holes have been filled with sand.   

We actually started Sunday evening to get a jump on things.  They had 4 of 
these machines and were able to move right along.  Our job was hauling the 
sand and putting it in the machine.  It first makes the hole then fills it with sand.  
8+ hours of hauling sand makes for some long days.  

Close up view of our second green.  All holes filled.   Let the healing begin.   

Fairways are all done,  They also came with 4 machines and banged 
them out quickly. Once both contractors finished we tackled the clean up.   
Plugs are broken up by our verticutter and drag mats.  Then we blow into the 
middle and pick up thatch with our sweeper.  One more pass with the blowers 
and the fairways are clean.   A big thank you to Mother Nature for some good 
weather and a special thanks to the Greens and Grounds staff for putting in some 
impressive hours.   

Above is quick video of them working on 2 green.   

You will soon notice some areas that we are preparing to seed.   
These areas will look pretty bad initially but in the long run will make help make 
our native areas more attractive and increase our biodiversity.