Tuesday, February 20, 2018


The first day that the Pro-shop will open is Tuesday, March 6th.   Only a few more weeks and if the forecast holds true we may be able to actually enjoy the course.  I know it's wishful thinking (and a long shot) that things will stay this warm but I'm hoping for an early spring.   We just had 7 inches of snow after all.  Club House work is steadily progressing: 

A big day last week when they poured the concrete deck. 

It took a few men and some coordination from the various contractors. 

Finished product looks great. 

Inside is moving along also.  Bar area is starting to take shape. 

View of the course from the new deck.  Too much snow to open but the forecast is for a couple of warm days.  That should take care of the remain snow.   Hope the warm trend continues. 

One issue we will have to jump on this spring is Moss on greens.  We need to make sure we get this under control before it becomes a bigger problem.