Wednesday, January 24, 2018


The weather these past few days resembles more of a yo-yo than anything else.   Cold, wintry mixes followed by warming trends and heavy rains.   The really great news is that the warming trends have been just warm enough to break the frost in the ground allowing standing water to perk through the soil.  That means no water or "ice" on greens.  Ice on greens is not a good combination and so far we have dodged a bullet.   We also have manged to stay pretty busy in between the snow flakes.   

I have to admit that it can be very beautiful. Talk about your Kodak moments!!! 

Here's another,  A winterberry tree with its red fruit.  A great source of food for local birds. 

The work in the club house has progressed.   The main beam is in place and the walls are framed out. 

Tree work has continued when the weather permitted.    This is a huge tree being removed on the right side of 12.   We have logs to pick up  Stumps to grind but only two more trees to take down and one more to prune.  We then will fill stump holes with good soil and sod areas as soon as spring arrives.

We decided that the hedge along the parking lot needed a trim.   So we gave it a "butch cut".  This is a forsythia hedge that can tolerate such a drastic pruning. 

In this picture you can see just how much we "took of the top". 
Pretty much the finished product.   Allows for some better views of the course while still providing separation.  We will remove the handicap parking signs and replace with better looking ones.