Saturday, November 4, 2017


Early November and we still have not had a real hard frost.  I am not complaining but the grass is still growing and the leaves are falling.  We are doing double duty with mowing and sweeping.  Glad to announce that most of the sodding is finished.  As time allows we will start placing the Belgium Block around selective areas next to cart paths.  This will add some "polish" to our paths. 

I am not sure if Benny is smiling because this is his last piece of sod or he is just a happy employee.  Either way works for me.   
This time of year worms become an issue.   Last week I was asked if we were letting the fairways grow a little.   I had to say that they are longer,  but not intentionally.   We are trying to mow in the afternoons when the grass is dry to avoid pancaking the worm casts.  When they are dry they tend to break up. If they are wet they turn to mud and can smother the turf.  Because the days are so short the grass doesn't dry until late in the day.  That doesn't give us a lot of time.  Unfortunately sometimes we are forced to cut when the grass is wet just to get them mowed.  
Sorry about the clubhouse area looking a little messy.  We are getting ready for the construction.  Large plants have been removed.  Smaller perennials and shrubs are being relocated around the clubhouse.   

And finally a fitting end to October-----Trick or Treat?