Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Cooler temps for sure.  Today was our first good frost and we are starting to spend more and more time with leaves.   We are also using the cool weather to sod a few areas.   These areas are around  trees, cart paths or "trees and cart paths".  If you see yellow circles and squares you'll know where we are going next.   This area is on the first hole on the right side in the landing area. Many carts exit the path under the trees and have to avoid the far bunker making it a very congested area.  Not to mention shade. 

 If you see an "S" in the middle of the yellow line you know that's where we are going to lay sod. 

If you see a "B" in the yellow line that's where we are going to insert Belgium block.   All of these areas are near paths.  Some are where the cart path curves and we have worn out the sod on the inside of the curve.  Other's are where exit and entrances are used and the paths just need to be a little larger.  we will start with the sod and then move to the Belgium Block.  We can work on the block areas when the weather gets worse.  The sodded areas need to be finished sooner so they have some time to get established.   

When we have a frost we can't work on the golf course (turf that is).  We capitalize on frosty mornings to work on the edges.  For example, getting the areas ready for sod, or mowing native areas and in the case of this picture we are starting to remove the plants that will be in the way of the new patio expansion.   Perennials and some shrubs will be transplanted to other areas of the course and the annuals will be put in our compost pile with all the leaves.