Friday, October 6, 2017


picture shows how low our pond has gotten.   
Mother Nature has turned up the heat and shut off the faucet.  It feels like September was warmer than August and October is following right behind.   Even the best irrigation systems can't do what natural rainfall can.   First, it's the quality of water itself.  Our irrigation water contains bicarbonates.   This is not a major problem and only shows itself when we don't get any rain.  They can potentially build up in the soil.  Rains help dilute and leach the salts further into the soil profile where they aren't able to cause any trouble.   Temperature---our pond water has been as high as 80 degrees.    Rain can be in the low 30's.  Its not unusual for rain to start off as ice or snow high up in the clouds and melt as it falls.   The cold rain does have a cooling effect when it hits the turf.    Finally and most importantly rain is pretty consistent.  If there is one inch in the rain gauge you can pretty much plan that the whole course received one inch. 
Talk about consistency.  What's wrong with this.  A line of brown turf????
The irrigation head is right behind the tree.   With all this technology we can not "bend water" it shoots in a straight line.  Before you ask why did we put the head behind the tree realize that what ever side we put the head there will be an area that does not get water.  This situation only presents it self if we get into long stretches of dry weather.  Normally this is not an issue because there are other heads that help water this area.   
Our bunker edges have become very deep.   We normally would not want this however because of the age of our bunkers and the amount of times they have washed out the only way to fix this is to add sand to the edges.  This would create more "fried egg" lies which no one wants.   If your ball happens to end up next to this edge you may have to be creative to play you next shot but at least it won't be buried.

In Closing:  We ended September with our 7th annual Bill Moran Fishing derby.  Over 15 Children of all ages participated.   Pictured here are the winners.   Jessica caught a 14.5" Bass,  Emma her sister followed with a 10", and not to be outdone was Tristan who caught a 14" Bass. but said "You should have seen the one that got away" !!!!!