Sunday, August 20, 2017


No one likes to aerify.   It is a difficult time consuming task.   If we didn't have to do it we would love to skip it.  However to ensure good conditions in the future we have to.   Farmers plow, they have the luxury of just turning the soil over but as disruptive as aerification is I think plowing is not an option. To make sure all the equipment is performing we aerified our nursery this past Wednesday.   We will be aerifing  all the greens and fairways.  The course is closed while we do this.  We we open the course again on Thursday.  Until then stay tuned for daily updates.  
Top-dressing our nursery that has just been aerified.  

Here is the nursery after it has been top-dressed and brushed.  We try and fill all the holes with sand.

This week we cleaned the ditch between 12 and 13.

You may have noticed that we have mowed some of our native areas.   Mowing is the fastest and cheapest way of controlling certain weed species.   This picture it the native area between 4 and 5 and has become over run with foxtail a annual grassy weed.   By cutting it down it won't be able to produce seed for next year.  .

Another reason for mowing this area is that it has been seeded with a perennial wild flower mixture.  It takes a few years for the perennials to mature enough to compete with other plants.   By mowing you allow light to reach these developing flowers.   We should be able to reap the awards next season.  This is a picture of a Black eyed Susan and a Bee Balm.