Thursday, August 24, 2017


We have been busy.   We started Sunday evening and finished up Wednesday.  All greens have been aerified and holes filled with sand.   All the fairways are done and cleaned.   Time for the healing to begin.

We started with the greens on Sunday afternoon.

On Monday, our contractor started aerifing fwys.   They had three machines and were done at 4:00. We take the clean up from there.....

First, we break up the plugs by dragging a mat across them, then blow the thatch into the center.

We then use our sweeper to clean them up.  The process is very dusty. Luckily, we had good weather, the plugs must be dry or they just turn into "mud".

Back to Greens:  On greens we pick up the plugs and compost them.  We then top-dress to fill the holes.   This removes the excess thatch and adds sand that resists compaction and allows for good drainage.

A final brush and roll finishes the process.   By that time things are getting on the dry side so a couple of turns with the sprinklers is just what is needed.

All in all it went very well.   In a couple of short weeks we will be back to normal.   Ready for our big MEMBER - MEMBER tournament.