Friday, August 11, 2017


Big weekend starts tomorrow.   It's been one of those weeks.  We didn't get the bunkers put back together until Monday---Then it rained again forcing the outing to only get 9 holes in before we had to stop them because of standing water on the greens.   We noticed the fairways were off color from a growth regulator we sprayed last week.   We applied a green pigment on Tuesday and Wednesday to solve the problem.  On Wednesday I noticed the water fall pump was off.  Upon further inspection we must of had a power surge and our control panel was, as they say "fried".  Then we noticed the irrigation pumps were not working.  Of course it is now starting to dry out.   A quick call to DAF Services was in order.  Ed was here the next day and got us up and running.  Then to put the final cap on a very eventful week Ed was back on Friday to fix the other pump that we thought was fine.  All in  a weeks work.  We are ready for the Championships ---just hope it doesn't rain.
Jay spraying green pigment.  He has two passes on the left side completed.
A close up.  you can see it is greener on the left.
Here  is Ed, our pump man to the rescue on Thursday.  

Here is Ed back at it on Friday.   Thought we had if fixed yesterday.  So.....You know what's going to happen.  If we didn't have any pumps you know it would not rain.  Now that we have them up and running it will probably pour.   Seems to always be the case.  
In closing,  These small green caps are bait to control ants.  We have a problem on a few tees.   The distributor dropped off a few of them at no charge to see how well they work.  Ants can be difficult to control because you have to kill the queen.  This container holds a bait that the ants take back into their nest.  

Sunday, August 6, 2017


Yesterday we received 1.4" of rain just before dawn.  Because of standing water on greens and fairways we delayed opening until 8:30 and then it was cart path only.
Standing water on 14 green.  
We had a river running across the valley on holes 18 thru 12.

The bunkers took the brunt of the storm.  We fixed most of them today.  Only a few holes left but because of play (We can't get much done when the course gets too crowded and you don't want us getting in your way --can't say as I blame you)  We will finish up the few remaining ones on Monday.  

Major washouts in a lot of our bunkers.  
Staff did what they could,  a lot of work putting things back together.

Yesterday we had a Greens Committee meeting.  Topics covered were Green speeds,  Cart paths, Native areas, and Fairways.  Green speeds: have been acceptable these past few weeks.  We came away with the understanding that we will maintain ball roll as fast as we can given weather, time of year, staffing, and member events.  In order to do this we will be increasing our aerifications.    Cart paths:  There are some edges that need to be touched up and we will tackle them as time allows this fall and winter.  Native areas: will be looked at in terms of aesthetics and play ability.  We will be reviewing these aspects in the near future.  We have many different types of native areas.   Native grass areas, wild flower areas, forested areas, and of course our water features.   All require special maintenance.  We want to keep our main goals of providing habitat for wild life, removing invasive plants, adding beauty and an element of risk reward for a well played stroke all while saving precious budget dollars.   Fairways: were looked at with respect of trying to get the grass to "stand up" more.  We are going to look into verticutting our fairways.  If approved we will need to purchase a machine to do this and add it to our maintenance schedule. 
It was a great meeting and much discussion will follow.  Stay tuned!!!!!