Wednesday, July 26, 2017


End of another heat wave and glad its over.   When we get into a tough stretch of weather we don't worry so much about green speed as we do about just keeping the turf in good shape.
Course held up pretty well.

Not to bad for the middle of July.  
Putting green is doing pretty well.  
The heat didn't bother the Purple Martins,  we have over 76 chicks and 15 eggs.

Making progress on our Spray tank.  Waiting for parts.  UGH!!!

Osprey Chicks are up and flying around testing their wings.  This one flew to a branch on 15.  

First Question Mark of the year.   A good find.  It gets its name by the white "?" mark on its wing.  Can you
find it?  

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Not a good day.  Trouble right from the start.  First, two staff members were out.   Then while heading up to spray the practice green the spray tank sprung a oil leak and its not an easy fix.   The gasket went and you need to basically split the machine in half to fix it.  Tank has to be removed, etc, etc,.....   About a two day job for Moe our mechanic with out interruptions and that never happens.   We had two hydraulic leaks on our fairway mowers.  One in the piston that steers the mower and the other in a hydraulic hose.   The guys did a good job seeing them before they got to big.  

I guess to keep this blog "real" you have to post the good with the bad.  It could have been worse.  The oil leak could have happened on the putting green.  That would not have been good!!!!

Funny what you look at as a superintendent.  We all look to the roads for signs of problems.  Here is the trail of oil left by our spray tank leaving the shop.
Down for the count.  Need to remove the spray tank and split engine from gear case.  
Hydraulic leak on fairway.  It will turn brown and die but luckily its very narrow and should grow out in a couple of weeks.   this happened on two machines today.  The guys did a good job catching them before they got bigger.  
Might as well end on a positive note:   The pond is pretty full for this time of year.  No worries about running out of water.  

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


I hope everyone has a chance to relax and enjoy the day.   The weather is perfect for a nice round of golf.
Happy fourth everyone!!!
last weeks ladies guest day went very well.   Everyone had a great time.

Mr. Paul Jacobs is the North East Agronomist For the USGA .  Paul conducted a site visit last week to share his experience and expertise with me.  We looked at all aspects of the operation from the Maintenance Facility, Staff Size, Budgets as well as Greens, Tees, and Fairways.   Of special concern is our practice putting green.   It continues to struggle.  The main concerns are traffic and morning shade.  We can't do anything about the shade and traffic will always be a concern on any practice green.   We have eliminated two holes and will concentrate the four remaining ones in the sunnier half of the green.  Depending on weather and turf health we may section off  areas.  We may even close the green during hot and humid weather.   We are doing everything we can to get the green to mimic our regular greens.  Unfortunately Paul had no silver bullet to get the green in prime condition but it was nice to hear and confirm that we are doing everything we can to keep the green in as good a condition as possible.
You may have noticed some of our blue tops on our marking stakes have been damaged.  This is (as far as I can tell) from the coyote chewing on them.   I'm all out of new blue ones but have some green ones that I can use.   Hopefully this is a temporary thing and the coyotes find something else to chew on.  
In closing,  another example of  how our irrigation system is paying dividends.   Here we are watering in a fertilizer application.   The quickness and good coverage means better results.