Monday, June 12, 2017


What's in 10 days?  The start of our 3 day Member Guest.   Let the preparations begin:   Actually we already have started.  We fertilized fairways and bunker banks last week so that we have good color and nice thick rough.  We started Edging bunkers a week ago but only have half the course done.  We need to keep moving on them.  Today was Not a good day to work in bunkers.   At 90+ degrees even the tough boss that I am (time to laugh) has to say it's too hot to be working in bunkers.  Actually it is all hands on hoses.  A lot of watering being done today.  
Edging bunkers last week,  we are only half way finished.
The back of 13 black tee was caving in.  The guys did a nice job adding this little wall to stabilize the bank.
On a more long term note.   We are having our soils tested to see if we need to address issues that we can not see.  Over the years we have changed our aerification practices.  We decided not to Drill and fill and instead opt for a less aggressive procedure called dry-jet.   We aerify the greens once per year and fill holes with sand.   We have also increased our top-dressing frequency.   We now top-dress more frequently but lighter.  Pictured below is Steve Renzetti from Pinnacle Turf.    We sampled three greens.  The Putting Green,  Six, and Fifteen.  He will send the samples off to the lab and will report on the findings.  The lab measures for Organic matter, pore space and other soil properties that need to be maintained for healthy turf.   It takes a little time,  about 4 weeks for the results.  Stay tuned,  I am very interested in seeing what the results are.  
Steve Renzetti from Pinnacle Turf,  Taking soil samples for testing.