Thursday, April 13, 2017


Our seasonal Staff returned to work last Monday.  It has only been a week and a half and a lot has been accomplished.   We are full speed ahead.  Our priorities:

  • 1:  Get the course cleaned up,  We have the middle of the course all clean and ready to go,  now we are cleaning up the O. B. line and out of play areas. 
  • 2:  Rake bunkers:   We start by making sure they are clean.  Then we check the depth of sand and make sure we have a consistent depth of 4 inches through out the bunker.  Add the rakes and we are good to go.  All the bunkers are ready for play.  
  • 3:  Start Mowing:   This warm spell has really got the grass growing.  We have been mowing greens pretty regularly.  Tees, approaches, and fairways have been mowed once.  Today we hope to get the step-cut mowed.  Next week we will have to start roughs and surrounds.  
  • 4:  Of course all the other projects related to the course are well under way.  Putting out Ball-Washers, Benches, Garbage cans,  Getting our water features up and running on 8 and 4.  Getting our winter projects buttoned up, Checking all of our machines and making sure cuts are of good quality.  Getting our Irrigation system up an running,  etc, etc.   plenty to keep us busy.  

Irrigation System is up and running.
We pruned the Hickory tree behind the 9th green to get more sun on the green.  This picture shows the shadows it casts.  It will get much worse when the tree leafs out.   
Mound on 17 has been leveled and new fairway contours have been changed.   The soil areas will be sodded to fairway.  
The finished product.  Please avoid  the new sod for a few weeks.

6 ladies tee is almost complete.  Because of  Easter our contractor will be back on Monday to finish things up.   We have to finish 13 black tee expansion and a few other areas where we ran out of sod.   We expect to be finished by next Wednesday.  Just in time for the opening men's member - member.
Nice to see our Osprey's are back this year.