Saturday, April 29, 2017


We have had the April showers, now its time for the May flowers.    I have had a lot of questions regarding the color and patchy-ness of the greens.  First off-- nothing to worry about.  It is not a disease or winter damage it is just the different types of grass and the way they grow during colder weather.   Our golf course is over 100 years old.  Can you Imagine what kind of Tomatoes were planted 100 years ago?   The evolution of Tomatoes is similar to the evolution and breeding of Turf grass.   Obviously there is a big variation in Tomatoes just like our grasses.   Below is a picture of our putting green.  The bright green grass is from plugs that we took off our nursery.  You can see smaller spots that are starting to appear.  This is Poa that is spreading in to our green.  One of the many different Bio-types of grasses currently growing in our greens.  Other areas such as our 15th green are different types of Bent grass.  The patchy-ness of 15 is due to the severe winter damage we had three years ago.   The bent grass that you see survived. Other grasses did not.  This particular grass type is slow to wake up in the spring.  resulting in different colors.  

A larger view of our putting green.

We are planting the new mounds to the right of the new 13 tee with native grasses and flowers.  This berm was installed to hide the tennis courts.

It will take some time but in the long run this will become a nice addition to the course.

Their is more Algae in our pond then we would like.   I am watching it closely.   I am hoping it is because our weed eating fish woke up later than usual and haven't started eating.   If the algae persists we may have to use chemical control.  I hope not.  It is expensive and we have not had to resort to chemicals in many years