Saturday, March 25, 2017


We still have just enough snow to keep the course closed. The forecast for tomorrow is not good but next week looks more seasonable.  Fingers crossed, it should not be long before we can start swinging clubs again.  In the mean time....We were scouting the course and noticed algae and weeds popping up in our pond.   We have not had to chemically treat our water for algae in over 15 years saving us thousands of dollars.
Just enough snow to keep us from opening the course.  We did get our  water falls up and running.   The Water falls look and sound great but they serve another purpose, they keep the water moving and add oxygen.  Both are important for water quality.
We noticed Algae and a weed called Curly Pondweed.  (It is considered an invasive weed in New York).  We added a pond dye that has UV filtering properties that curb weed and algae growth.  The dye is  food-grade, which means that it  will pose no threat to wildlife.  Because the water is still some what cold our "weed eating fish" are not active yet. Sorry, I couldn't get a real good picture. I should have taken one before we added the dye!!!  click to expand and you can see the weeds growing from the bottom.

We also have installed our Sonic Solutions device that kills algae with sound waves.  All of these practices combined  have had a big impact controlling  weeds and algae and saved quite a lot of money at the same time.