Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Our opening day for the golf season is a month or so away but the "UNOFFICIAL" opening day is today.   So far mother nature has been good to us. We opened the entire course with flag sticks in greens.   The Pro-shop is open for business so carts are available.  It is cart path only, but hey its February.  The Club House is also open for the afternoon lunch crowd.  Not a bad start to the season.

Flag sticks in greens for the first time in "17" 
Worm mounds or castings can cause poor lies in fairways.  
Last week we had some really dry weather and the castings dried out.  That gave us the opportunity to drag them breaking them up and returning them to the soil  If they are wet or moist they just turn to mud.  If carts ride over them they "pancake" and can smoother the turf.

Here you can see the difference.  The left side of the picture has been dragged.

6 ladies tee taking shape.   

Monday, February 20, 2017


Most of the snow has melted and the forecast is for a warm week.  The way things look we may just be in for a early spring?   Too soon to call but I'm not going to complain if this warm weather continues.  

Most of last weeks snow storm has melted.  So far so good.  I see no disease or winter damage.   

A view from the 1st tee.  Notice the Deer by two tee.  They are taking advantage of a beautiful day.
A Blue Bird basking in the sun.  They are always nice to see.  They do not go south in the winter but I rarely see them.  A signal of an early Spring?  
A song Sparrow Singing away,  A fairly common winter bird.  

Monday, February 6, 2017


Our equipment manager Greg Hand will be leaving us for greener pastures.   He has accepted a new position at the Peninsula Club,  situated just north of Charlotte in North Carolina.  If you are ever in the area stop by and say hello.   Greg will be missed.  He has been a member of our team for the past six years.  There is a knack to being a golf course mechanic.  You need a special set of skills that only comes with years of experience.  We wish the very best for Greg at his new position.

From left to right:   Jay Ruhren,  Greg Hand, and Ted Valentine.  Our winter warriors.  
We received more fill for the 13th tee and stole a few rocks from around the tennis courts to put the finishing touches on the championship tee.   We have the rough grading done.  When things thaw out we can start the fine grading, add irrigation, drainage and then sod.  
Moving rocks from  the tennis courts (they won't be missed ) We needed them to build a wall by the tee.

Placing Rocks to make wall.  This allowed us make the slope next to the tee not too steep.  

You can get an idea from this picture.  Rock wall on right is finished.  We had two extra rocks that we placed  by the path.