Saturday, January 28, 2017


This month we went to plan B:  What does that mean?  Like many courses we wait for the ground to freeze so we can move around the course and not create excessive damage.  Mainly tree work and to start cleaning the ditch on 12-13.   Because the weather has been so warm we started plan "B". Construction on expanding the 13 championship tee and the 6th ladies tee and started leveling and re-contouring the faiway by the old bunker on #17.

Of course there are always problems.   We had to fix the road to allow the trucks to haul material to the 13 tee.   We need to keep this road accessible because it is the only way to get larger vehicles out on the course.  Especially emergency vehicles.  Which we hope to never need.  

Here we are moving material to elevate and expand the 13 Black tee.  We are lucky in that the material is of good quality and always a good thing it is free.  A local contractor was looking for a place to get rid of it.   We are definatley putting it to good use.  

Still a work in progress but it's starting to take shape.  We will triple the size of the old tee,  raise it a couple of feet for better visibility and shift it a little to the right.  

The Sixth Ladies tee is also being expanded.   It was way to small and not level.   The new tee is starting to take shape.  

Here is Carlos helping to remove the mound on 17.  

Old bunker and mound on 17 is now leveled.  We need to give it a final raking then sod the area.  To give you an idea  from this picture.  To the right of the white pipe will be fairway and to the left will be rough.  

Thought I would throw this picture in.   Turkeys nest in the trees at night.  You have to get up pretty early in the morning to catch them roosting.  A few of them have already flown to the ground.  Can you see the two in this tree?  We have seen them almost every day this winter.  

Sunday, January 22, 2017


I was really surprised how many were at the course yesterday.  About one o'clock the sun came out and it was beautiful.  I can't say as I blame them.   Shorts in January are pretty hard to beat!
Mr. Lamia, Mr. Reggiardo, Mr. Yassky, and Mr Celestin

Panning back shows shorts in January!!!!!

Monday, January 9, 2017


What's nice about this picture?  $7,200.00 is what's nice.  One man's garbage is another mans treasure.   Old out-dated machines that we have no further use for were taking up precious space at our maintenance shop.  We took the opportunity to sell what was no longer any value to us.  We contacted a used equipment company and they came and took  a look at what we had.   They gave us an offer we couldn't refuse.  Here we are getting rid of an old Grinder that was outdated and no longer needed.  An old Spray tank that had a blown engine that we couldn't find parts for and an old aerifier that we hadn't used in years.   We gained some space and a few $$ that will help the bottom line.  

What's nice about this picture?   No ice!!!   So far so good.  A week or so ago we had some rains which caused puddles that had frozen on several greens.   This past weeks warm up allowed the ice to melt and the water to perk through the soil.    Things right now are frozen solid.   6 degrees this morning on the way in, but no ice on the surfaces.  Who knows what the rest of the winter will bring but glad there is no ice on the greens at this time.  
What's nice about this picture?   A full irrigation pond.    Not that we need to use it anytime soon but it sure is nice to have a full pond again.   Now we just need to fill the reservoirs.    
What's nice about this picture:   This is Juan Carlos and he's a nice guy!!!  He's touching up the foot railing on the bar.   He will stay busy cleaning and touching things up getting the club house ready for the new season.   2017 is off to a good start.