Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Today is the Winter Solstice. Longest night and shortest day.  (The Owls must love it)  Winter did arrive early.  We had just enough time to finish putting the course to sleep.   Winter protectants have been applied, Greens are top-dressed,  we installed the  temporary’s, brought in the rakes, ball washers, garbage cans and installed the drain by 10 green.   Our winter servicing of mowers has begun and we have some work to do in the maintenance building.  Just finished picking up the leaves before the first snow.  

This year we added a drain in the green on 14.  

Close up view of drain.  We are hoping this helps remove water before it has a chance to freeze.  I figure it can't hurt and anything we can do to protect from winter injury is a good thing. 

Tony and Owel preparing Rakes, Garbage Cans, and Tee Markers for next year.

We just purchased a new Reel Grinder.   Here we are sharpening one of our fairway units.   Our Equipment Manager Greg, is very busy this time of year.  We have over 45 different mowers to sharpen and service.   Our mowers have to be sharp all the time in order to get a good cut. This becomes extremely important when it comes to green speed and good lies in fairways.   In closing:  Have A Great Holiday Season And A Better New Year.