Saturday, November 19, 2016


Is this the last great day for golf?   The forecast is not so great for the upcoming Thanksgiving week.  Not that it's bad,  it actually is about normal but today is about 15 degrees above normal, mostly sunny and not much wind.   A hard combination to beat.  
1st hole on a beautiful Saturday Morning.  

Picture of the 8th green.  Pond still has a way to go before it's full.  Fountain and Falls turned off for season.  Conserving energy.

   Our contractor got held up on another job but is scheduled to be here next week to level and expand the area on 17.   in the mean time we harvested some sod from the rough  and used it at the pool.  We also are receiving free fill for the black tee on 13.  We literally hit "pay dirt" because the fill is really nice. 
Pool area was in pretty bad shape after a tough summer.

Finished product.  The sod from 17 is much better.   Please replace divots, Repair ball Marks.  It will pay huge dividends  in the spring.   The turf is not growing so any damage will be around until things warm up in the spring.  Divots will sit dormant over the winter but will grow  next year.

This time of year we ask that you place the rakes in the bunker.  That's so they don't get run over by carts or maintenance vehicles and it makes it easier for us to pick up the leaves.

In closing I want to thank the Rockland Business Association for awarding us this years water conservation award.   It's nice to be recognized as a judicious user of water and not a water waster.