Tuesday, November 8, 2016


A quick update from the course, then I'm off to the polls.    Two big changes:  1. we are keeping bunker rakes inside the bunkers.
Normally we place them in the grass but because of leaves we would like you to keep them in the bunkers.  Less chance of running them over with a mower or golf cart.   2. We also have raised our height of cut on greens to allow them to become a little shaggier.  The reason is simple.  It helps protect them from harsh winters.  We will sacrifice a few inches in ball roll if it will increase our odds of healthier greens in the spring.

This is the forward tee on six.  It is in need of some tender loving care.  "BLOW IT UP"  was what one golfer told me.  So we will!!!

The process has started.  We have begun to remove the sod.  Once the sod is gone we will rototill the area,  haul in some topsoil, level and then sod.   The finished product will be about twice the size.   A good fall project.

Of Course Leaves take up the majority of our time. But these projects can be done when we have a frost.   Our staff is only here for a few more weeks and we want to stay productive.  We are fortunate to have such great guys working for us.