Friday, October 14, 2016


We just started one of our fall projects.  To re-contour the fairway on # 17.   Many years ago their was a bunker short left that we felt penalized the higher handicapped golfer.  We filled it in as a "temporary" fix.  That was about 12 years ago.  We are finally getting around to removing the mound and expanding the fairway.

This is a closer view.  We are stripping rough sod and recycling it to other areas on the course.  Where we are taking the sod from will become the fairway and the mound will be "flattened".   The hole will look better and help the higher handicapped player.

Marcos and Danny are installing the sod on the right of three where cart traffic has severely thinned the turf.  Other areas scheduled for sod include the fourth tee bank and 18th tee bank.   Other fall projects include expanding and leveling the 13th black tee, 15th blue tee, 6th blue tee and the 6th ladies tee.  We have hired a golf course construction company to help us with the heavy lifting and the earth moving.  They are scheduled to start the week of October 24th.  In the mean time we will keep recycling our sod.


On Thursday, October 20th Rockland Country Club will  receive a "Green" award from the Rockland Business Association .   This award is Sponsored by Suez and is given out to a business for Water Conservation.   This past Wednesday we were invited to participate and celebrate our achievements with the other winners on the Radio.   This picture is in the Radio Studio at WRCR AM 1700 in Pomona.   It is actually at the Rockland Boulders Baseball Stadium.  It was a first for me and quite an experience.  Pictured are the winners from left to right:  Mac Freeman, from Inovative Plastics,  The Mad Maven of Mulch (Aka-Ms. Reitman) from SUNY Rockland, Mike Shilale from The RBA Chairman of the Green Committee, Yours Truly, Susan Wilmink from KRB (Keep Rockland Beautiful) and Mr. Bill Madden: Director of external affairs Suez.  

Surviving part of the summer in stage two drought restrictions was no fun.  It is a very special day that golf is recognized as an efficient user of water. To be able to demonstrate to our neighbors what the benefits of golf can be and to offer our expertise on ways to conserve our most precious resource. On behalf of all the Golf Courses in Rockland It's nice to be recognized as the water managers we are.