Monday, October 31, 2016


The golf course is in good shape for this time of year.  We have started with leaf pick up and it will certainly keep us busy for  the next few weeks.  The grass how ever has been growing quite fast.  We have had to adhere to our normal mowing schedule.  Hopefully the growth will slow down, now that we have had our first frost. 

A few small projects that we will be working on:   (some are not so small)  
  • ·        Enlarging the black tee on 13
  • ·        Leveling the 6th blue tee
  • ·        Enlarging the yellow tee on 6
  • ·        Expanding the back of the blue tee on 15
  • ·        Re-contouring the 17th fairway –removing the grass bunker short left.  (check my last post)

Our contractor was scheduled to be here last week but he is a little behind schedule.    I am hoping he can start this week.  In the mean time we have transplanted a lot of rough sod to various areas around the course.  # 13 tee is ready to receive fill.  We will need a lot to expand the tee as much as we would like.   

Worms are always a problem this time of year.  We will try and mow fairways in the afternoons or more importantly when they are dry in order to avoid flattening of the worm casts.  

Lastly, our Dry–Jet and Needle Tine aerification was done this past Monday.  It went very well with very little surface disturbance.  Ball roll is still pretty good.   In a week or so we should be right back to normal.   

Dry - Ject procedure on our 11th green.   
Parking lot looks much better with a new Seal Coat. 

What's a weed?   A plant in the wrong place.  This is Miscanthus and some seed must have blown in this area.  If we don't remove them they will eventually take over.   
  A couple of Bumble Bees on Aster.  Getting there last licks in.  It's interesting, I have not seen any bees on any  of our mums that we have around the club house.  These are Asters and can provide some late season nourishment.