Friday, September 16, 2016


You won't see our fountain lit up anytime soon.                                        


It has become a resting spot for our Mallard Ducks.   Unfortunately the water level in our pond is so low we can not use the fountain.  It basically is sucking air.  Also, you may notice the flow over our falls is less than usual.  Again it's because the intake of our pump is out of the water.  The forecast is for some much needed rain on Sunday.  Every little bit will help.   As Benjamin Franklin once said "you know the worth of water when the well runs dry"

For our Monarch Watch Program,  Last week  we had the pleasure to host Girl Scout troop 40393 and 40756 from New City and Germonds.   We gave a short presentation about the Monarchs life cycle and how they migrate all the way to Mexico for the winter.   Here they are holding up coloring books donated by Audubon International.

Ready for some Monarch Butterfly Catching !!!!!!!

This Picture is showing a Tagged Monarch.  The program is run by the university of Kansas.  You place an Identification Sticker on it's wing.  If found the university knows where and when the tag was placed and can track there migration habits.  Monarch numbers are in decline and they need all the help they can get.   They only lay eggs on Milkweed which we allow to grow in several areas around the course.

On a sad note:  J-Pat's mother recently passed away.  J-Pat comes to us from Camp Venture and Divots fairways for us every morning.   You probably will never see him because we make sure he never is in any one's way.   A couple of years ago we asked Paul from Club Car if he could slow down a golf cart and make it brake going down hills to see if J-Pat could drive it.   It took some practice  and a few downed marking stakes but now J-Pat is a professional driver.   J-Pat has a wonderful family and I constantly remind him how lucky we are (I have a pretty good family also!!!) Last week he took his sisters for a ride around the course.  It is a pleasure working with J-Pat we enjoy every day that he is here.   Just make sure he has his coffee in the morning and we know it will be a good day.