Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Greens and Fairways are healing even though we have not had ideal weather.  It has been hotter and dryer than normal.   I would not mind at all seeing a few showers soak the course and fill the pond.  Looking at this picture from the 1st tee you can hardly tell we aerified. Yesterday we were able to get a descent cut on fairways but we are still playing winter rules.  We are mowing greens for the first time since aerification.  That should help smooth things out a little more.     

Close up of holes on greens.  Should be almost closed by the end of the week.   We fertilized yesterday to help speed up recovery.  

I was on the first tee last week when it was pointed out to me that there is a worn cart path from 6 tee to 7 green. It looks like crap (put mildly)!!! It is caused by our maintenance vehicles taking a short cut.  It was not visible until we removed the dead tree.  Now the path sticks out like a sore thumb. 

We cut down all the invasive weeds that were growing under the tree and will prep the soil for our native grass and flower mixture.  In the picture you can still see the stump from the tree.    In a few weeks we should have enough germination to hide the old cart path and we have re-routed our "short cut" so it is no longer visible from the first tee.  

Our Monarch watch program is in full force. A few have hatched already and there are 10 caterpillars currently in our aquarium.   Milk Weed is the only plant they lay their eggs on.  We have also started our tagging program.  When a Monarch is released we put a identification sticker on its wings and send the results to the university of Kansas. This help them track there migration habits.    Perhaps this will be the year they find a "Rockland" Monarch in Mexico.

Lastly, I wanted to point out that some areas in our roughs have been infected with disease. One is called Summer Patch and the other is Fusarium Blight.  These are root born fungus and can become a problem.  Unfortunately we do not have the time nor resources to prevent this from occurring in all our rough areas.   Hopefully the cool weather will arrive shortly and we can start the healing process.  

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Yes we are very "holy" now that we are in our third and final day of aerification.   Things are going very well.  We had some minor issues with a rain storm that hit us Sunday night but other than that things have gone fairly well.   I am not complaining about having a few cooler days either.   We worked from 4:30 to 10:00 pm. in the lights on Sunday.   From 6:00 to 7:30 pm. yesterday and we hope to be finished by 5:00 pm. today.  Give or take a few minutes.  The old adage take two steps backwards to go three forward is very appropriate when you are talking about aerification.   In a few short weeks we will be back better than ever.   Our goal is to be in prime condition for our Member-Member.  Here are some pictures to explain the process:  

Just getting started early Monday Morning.    
Aerify green, Pick up plugs, Top-Dress (this picture) than brush the sand into the holes.

Brushing in 10 green.  

Finished product.

Fairways are also aerified.  This is number 11.  in this picture, all we have left to do is pick up the thatch.  

Friday, August 12, 2016



 Rain--last night’s rain put us over the top in a few areas.  # 12 and 13 are cart path only today.   Hard to think about that when we are in Stage two drought restrictions.   When it gets this humid the water does not evaporate and the grass stays wet.   Too much of a good thing?   When the ground gets saturated and temperatures are in the high 90's a condition called "Wet Wilt" can become a big problem what happens is the soil actually heats up and literally cooks the grass.   It is a fine balancing act to keep the soil moist but not too moist.  I am actually hoping we get a few days of no rain or at least some cooler temperatures.   

Falls:   I am happy to report that our water feature is back in action on four.  Our pump was at the repair shop for what seemed to be an eternity.  Parts had to be ordered from Sweden and since we had come this far we took the pump to the repair shop and had them do a complete tune up.  Nice to see water flowing again.  

Shut offs:  We noticed that some of our valve box covers were starting to get over grown.  A potential major problem.   If we experience a leak or a sprinkler gets stuck we have no way of shutting off the water.   Owel and Marcus are using our irrigation map to locate and expose these valves just in case they are needed.

Our water feature on 4 is back in action.   Nice to have water flowing over the rocks. 
Marcos is holding the map and Owel is trimming the valve box covers.  In this location there are 2 shut off valves,  One snap valve (where we can access water with a hose) and one electrical splice box.   You would be surprised at how much  pipe and wire is buried through out the course.