Sunday, July 31, 2016


Current Drought Status: Stage II Water Emergency - Drought Alert!

The Rockland County Commissioner of Health has issued a declaration for a Stage II Water Emergency effective July 21, 2016.

What does this mean for us?   We can water at night from 9:00 pm to 6:00 am and hand water greens once per day.    We are also mandated to have a water conservation plan in place that conserves 10% of our average monthly usage.    If we go to stage 3 we will be restricted even further.    Other than hand watering greens, we are not watering any turf during the day.  Depending on the weather, that may change.  There may be some "browning" in some areas but we will not have any permanent turf loss.   Last Thursday night into Friday morning we received 1.25 inches of  rain and yesterday we got another half inch.   Certainly helps put water in the pond and lets us save all the more.  I will keep you posted on any other developments.   Hopefully we will get some more timely rains and we won't need to go to stage 3.   

Nice Oak that had too be removed.  

We did some tree work last week.   two dead trees were removed one: to the left of 7 green and another between 12 and 13.  The most obvious reason for removing these were safety.  We are scheduled to have some more trees pruned in a few weeks to remove dead branches that also pose a safety risk.  

On some of our tees ant mounds have become a problem.  I actually ran into our pest control person for the club house and asked if he had any suggestions.   He told me about a product called In-tice.
  • InTice™ 10 Perimeter Bait™ is the only 10% Boric Acid granular bait available.

Here is Chico,  He is using our ball mark repair tool to apply a small amount of product on each ant hill. According to the label.    It seems to be working.   We may need to re-apply in a few areas but this seems to be an easy and effective way of reducing our ant hill problems.

 On the environmental side of things our Purple Martin chicks are growing.   I counted over 40 chicks, Mom and Dad have had a banner year.  

This is a Red-Spotted Purple butterfly spotted on a Black eyed Susan on the left of 9 fairway.  One of Rockland's most beautiful butterflies.