Thursday, June 30, 2016


Well, that is if you don't like 85 degrees, Low Humidity, a slight breeze and not a cloud in the sky.  Even with great weather last week ended on a rough note.  We had to fix the water pipe on the main road.   Of course nothing goes as planned and their were many problems.  We thought we would have the water back on by 1:00 pm and unfortunately the water was not turned on until 5:00.  Mike had no choice but to cancel dinner.  A big thanks for you patience.  It was a rough day for all involved.

Trucks were here bright and early,  It just was problem after problem.  

Pipe had to be cut and new fittings installed then they had to connect to our old pipe.  Of course this all had to happen with out hitting the gas main.  
We have some trees that need to be removed.  Here is a Pin Oak between 12 and 13.   I'm afraid it will come down in a storm or worse hurt someone.  We are getting prices and the next time the course is closed we will remove it.

Dying Pin Oak between 12 and 13.  This is not Oakmont were sorry to see it go.  

You may have  noticed the fountain in the pond is not shooting as high.  For some reason the nozzle broke off.  I tried finding it with my feet but the pond is very muddy.  Our resident "golf ball diver" will look for it when he comes.  In the mean time we have ordered a new one.  

Not shooting as high because the nozzle came off.  It's somewhere buried in the mud at the bottom.  
We received .7 inches of rain on Sunday night and another .7 inches of rain on Monday night.   Just what the doctor ordered.  Just enough rain at night to help out the course and fill the pond and it did not impact play in the least.  Here is Mr. John Bartolotta putting on the 11th green and enjoying this beautiful last day in June.  
Great form!!!!  Can you guess if it went in?  
In the nature is fascinating department:   We had  a Question Mark (butterfly) hatch today.  It's colors are amazing.  
Beautiful markings  It get's it's name from the white "?"  on it's wing.  Sorry but Mr. Bartolotta's putt did not go in but he made his par.   All is o.k.