Sunday, June 19, 2016


Happy fathers day to all the dad's.   Yesterday, was the final day of our Men's Member -Guest.   Congratulations to the flight winners and the over all champions Mr. Lamia and his Guest Mr. Mora.
Great day for the finals of the Men's Member Guest.  

Congratulations to Mr. Lamia and Mr. Mora:   Over-all champs!!!!

Congratulations also to this years Honoree.  Mr. John Anderson.  Mr. Anderson  become a member in 1990.  He was a member of the Board of Governors from 1999 through 2004, Serving at various times as Finance Chair, Treasurer, Admissions and Membership Chair,  President (2002-2003) and Vice President.    

Pictured from let to right a very distinguished group.  Mr. Dipilla, Mr. Daly,  Mr Anderson, Mr. Erdman,, Mr. Lever Jr. and Mr. Milona. Combined they have over 100 years of  club membership,  24 years of  Board service and 3 presidency's.  

We had a rough start to the tournament:   We started work on Friday morning only to see this river on 9 green and fairway.   Turns out there was a water main break on the road and it was running onto the course.   We Immediately contacted the water company and they came  and shut off the water just in time for tee off.   If # 9 green was a little slower, you know why.   Always something to have to deal with.   

At least the water ran in to the pond. Which.....

Helps with our water supply.  The Pond  is pretty low for this time of year.   Hope to get some rain pretty soon.