Friday, June 3, 2016


I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day.   Saturday and Sunday were spectacular and Monday, well it could have been much worse.   We were pretty wet in the morning but were able to have carts scattering on most of the course by the afternoon.   We did need the rain.  It has been quite dry and it was down right hot a few days ago.  
This week we finished edging and checking sand depths.  We have found that maintaining  4 inches of sand above the sub-surface keeps the bunkers consistent and helps with buried lies. 
we seeded a meadow mix to the left of 8 tees.  For the first season we are going to maintain the area at 8 to 10 inches tall.  this will help keep out weeds, and  allow light to reach the soil for the perennials to grow.  
We added cereal grain to the seed mix .   It is a annual type of grass used to stabilize the soil. The trick here is you don't want it to re-seed.  Marcos and Tony are trimming off the seed heads.  Another reason to maintain the area at 10 inches.

Over the years we have had complaints about the 13 tee surrounds looking ugly.  We just finished seeded a wild flower mix.Tony is raking in the seed.  We are hoping to have some germination by the member guest later
this month.

We had a welcome visitor at the shop today.   Mr. Mike Kompier  was our head mechanic here for over 20 years.  Six years ago Mike and his wife Vivian  moved to South Carolina.   Mike is still active in the golf business,  he is the Head Mechanic at the Cliffs.  We are glad to report that he is dong well.   Mike was sorely missed when he left.  Greg Hand  (who is on  the right) Is our current Head Mechanic and has done a good job  keeping all of our mowers and machinery in tip top shape.  When your playing 16, stop in the shop one day and say hello.  We always have a pot of coffee on the stove.