Tuesday, May 10, 2016


May is a busy month for the staff.  The grass starts growing.  Good thing Right? You bet!! but that mean's mowing and more mowing.  We also have to plant the flowers at the pool for the Memorial Day weekend.  We apply our Crabgrass and Japanese Beetle Grub controls.  Top-dress and  Verti-cut the greens.  Edge and check sand depths in all of the bunkers and Fertilize Greens, Tees, Fairways, and Roughs. So we can mow again.  Don't take this the wrong way,  May is my favorite time of year.  Mother Nature comes alive.  

Manuel edging the bunker on 10,  We have about half the course finished.  

Mom must be feeding her well.   She is getting really big.  

So!!!! you clean out the barn so you have room to store the tractor indoors and.............

The staff says:  boss we can't move the tractor.  There is a birds nest on the tire!!!

Good thing we don't need the tractor any time soon.   Mother Robin would be very upset with us.   

A couple of weeks ago we noticed a pair of Osprey had taken a liking to the cell tower behind 15.
you can see the nest in the middle.  They have been very busy this past week bringing all sorts of sticks and grasses to build it.  

To all of Natures Mothers:  Happy belated Mothers Day.