Tuesday, March 1, 2016


It’s official!!!  The start of the 2016 season has begun.     Our first 18 hole round of golf was played today with bright sunny skies.  No one is happier than me.  The last two springs have been brutal.  I am happy to report that the course held up just fine.  No winter damage.  The place is pretty much a mess.  We have a lot of cleanup work to do and the bunkers are all washed out but so far so good.   Right now we have a limited staff.  We will keep an eye on the weather to see when to bring back the rest of the crew.  The forecast for the next few days isn’t all that good but I am hopeful for a speedy spring arrival.  After all we are already about a month ahead of last year.  

Great Spring form.   Shorts the first day of March,  Ya gotta love it!!!!
The end of a great day.  

From left to right:   Mr. Marty Rottmann, Mr. Chris Poleway, Long time Caddy Mr. Billy Larkin and Mr.Mike McNammee

On another note I am glad to report that we have another nesting owl on the course.