Friday, January 29, 2016


We got our tree work done just in the nick of time.  We try to take advantage of frozen ground so we can get around the course with large trucks and not do any damage.  Of course that means no snow cover.   Last week was perfect conditions.   We finished our work on Friday and the Snow Storm of the year happened on Saturday.   We still need to grind stumps and do clean up but we don't need big equipment for that.  Now the snow is melting and things are getting soft again and that sounds good to me.   I have my fingers crossed (and toes) that we have an early start to the season with no winter damage.   By all accounts we are due for a good spring.   

Another problem that sprung up was a water leak in the water line that supplies our shop.   Unfortunately it was right next to our natural gas supply.  I felt better safe than sorry and let the pros do the work.  They came in with some sophisticated equipment and pin pointed the leak and marked where the lines were.   It ended up being a pin hole but we were still losing about 5000 gals a day.  These guys do this every day and fixed the problem faster than we could have.  There's always something to keep you on your toes.  
Marked out water and gas line.     The water line is marked in blue and the gas is yellow.
Leak is white "X"  Notice the wet spot to the right.  Not close to where the pipe is.

exposed water main.  

Small hole but we were loosing over 5000 gals a day.

Work being done between 3 and 4.  Dying trees had to be
removed for safety reasons.