Friday, January 8, 2016


Happy New Year.   A funny thing happened on the way to the "temps".   What I am trying to say is their is always something to throw a wrench into your plans.   On January 2nd I did my normal course check up.  Not much this time of year, chase some geese and make sure heat is working in the shop.  Today though, was the start of using temporary greens.   We had marked and mowed them weeks in advance but to be honest I hadn't thought about them for quite some time.   The first couple that I moved from the green to the temporary went like any other year.  When I got to #1 the temporary was loaded with worm castings that were frozen solid.   Now, their are a few members that don't like using temporary greens to begin with let alone have them look like lunar landscapes.  I tried removing the small earth piles to no avail,  Chucks of turf came loose making things worse.  Not much I could do.  Luckily only two people played.   I am glad to report that yesterday the weather warmed up enough.  We hadn't had any rain so they were also dry and I was finally able to break them up.  Just another small hiccup in what is suppose to be a non stressful winter.   I should add, If this is the worst that happens were golden!!!!

Worm casts make putting on temporary greens a real challenge.  

close up view.  Frozen solid.  

Once they thawed out they were dry enough to remove.   

Shop Mechanics bay has received a much needed painting.   Locker room is next.  

Last week we finished adding a few small irrigation heads around 8 green.  We started mowing the grass along the edge of the green this year.  The current irrigation system was not designed to water the area.  We were actually watering the pond more than the grass.  The addition of small mister heads will solve this problem.