Friday, December 11, 2015


Don't pack up those clubs just yet.   Forecast is for sunny, mild weather this weekend.  We have completed the fairway expansions that were budgeted for. (holes 16, 3 and 5)  Because of the nice weather, and doing some "in house" construction we plan on sodding small areas on 6 and 14.    Sod will be taken from the beginning of 6 fairway and 14 to keep the process moving.   These little cosmetic touches add up and will add value to the course.

#5 fairway right side before expansion. 

# 5 fairway during expansion.  

# 3 left side just short of green.  

# 16 short right of green.  

Good news,  I just got confirmation that we have been approved for Audubon Re-certification. There are now over 2,200 golf courses enrolled in the program and 891 are currently designated as a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary.