Saturday, December 19, 2015


This December (actually we did this last year but because we had such bad weather not many played) we initiated a cart path only program.   We want to complement the membership for adhering to this policy.   We know it is an inconvenience but the golf course will only be better for it.  Areas in fairways and roughs that would have been worn out this month will have a jump start in the spring making for better conditions next year.   I have been the golf course superintendent for twenty years and this new initiative will pay big dividends.   Not every issue can be fixed with money.  Like divots, ball marks and raking bunkers your help by eliminating this major stress factor to the turf will be rewarded with more consistent, thick and green roughs and fairways. To your credit the golf course has improved steadily over these past twenty years and these programs will only make Rockland that much better.   The GPS feature on the carts allows us to track usage.  Check out the pictures below and you will see how much traffic the golf course handles on a daily bases.  

Yellow lines indicate where carts have driven.   This is and example of a average Saturday.   Notice that we were cart path only on 12 and 13 that day.  Orange areas are "no cart Zones" 

This is form last Saturday.  Notice #6 where we have no path and carts can scatter.    This much traffic being kept off the grass will make a big improvement in course conditions next year.   

Friday, December 11, 2015


Don't pack up those clubs just yet.   Forecast is for sunny, mild weather this weekend.  We have completed the fairway expansions that were budgeted for. (holes 16, 3 and 5)  Because of the nice weather, and doing some "in house" construction we plan on sodding small areas on 6 and 14.    Sod will be taken from the beginning of 6 fairway and 14 to keep the process moving.   These little cosmetic touches add up and will add value to the course.

#5 fairway right side before expansion. 

# 5 fairway during expansion.  

# 3 left side just short of green.  

# 16 short right of green.  

Good news,  I just got confirmation that we have been approved for Audubon Re-certification. There are now over 2,200 golf courses enrolled in the program and 891 are currently designated as a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary.