Tuesday, November 10, 2015


As the season winds down we are completing a few minor--but important course improvements.

We installed a new artificial surface at the range.  Our old mats were old and outdated.  This new surface simulates real turf much better and you can Tee your ball up on it if you want to hit a few drives.

So far it has been well accepted by everyone who has used it.   We plan on using it for the rest of this season in order to give our grass tee a rest and some time to recuperate for next year.

We started enlarging the fairway adjacent to the bunker on 16.  This will help a good drive stay in the fairway.   The rough sod is being recycled to other areas on the course.

we are using the rough sod around some of our bunker edges that succumbed to the harsh summer.  We have completed holes 16, 3, and 11.  We also did a spot adjacent to the cart path on 11 by the ladies tee.  We still have a few areas that we would like to do.

Today, we are sodding the fairway. This is a special bent grass sod that matches our existing fairway.  This is a much better solution than just scalping the grass that is currently there.  Our rough is primary Bluegrass, Rye and Fescue.  If mowed as low as our fairways it would never provide the ball lie that we desire.  The new sod also provides a good visual definition between fairway and rough.

As the season winds down we lay off most of our staff.  Jose Recio and Juan Guteriez have been with us for 28 years.   Jose is our primary rough mower and Juan is our gardener.   They are exceptional staff members.  We wish them well during this off season and hope they return in the spring.