Friday, October 30, 2015


No tricks here. Just treats.  (Actually no treats for me either, the pants are getting a little tight).   It is full leaf season.  We have three mowers with leaf shredding and mulching kits attached.  Two large blowers, two large sweepers and several back pack and push blowers.  Not to mention good old fashion leaf rakes.  All are being used to their max.  We had two welcome inches of rain a couple of days ago.  The course was getting very dry and the rain came at a nice steady rate so no wash outs in bunkers.  The fall colors are spectacular. Hope for some more nice days to enjoy them before they all fall.

Picture of 13 green 

11 green and fairway.  

Marcos on one of our sweepers.  

For some reason we have more acorns than normal.   We have had to resort to picking up some of them by hand.  This is Danny picking up some along side of 13.   

Our last Tagged Monarch was released this week.  We released 30 this fall.   Hope they make it to Mexico.