Monday, September 21, 2015


Our fountain is sitting on the bottom.   Water level is too low to use.  

Fall officially starts Wednesday. Days are getting shorter and cooler and it's just in time.  Our pond it getting pretty low.  We are not able to run our fountain because it is sticking out of the water.  It is time for some one else to do the rain dance because obviously I can't dance!!!

Much needed catch basin installed by our wash pad.

Cross off another project on the list. We had some spare time during the Member- Member and Monday outings to get some needed shop work done.  It may not look like much
but this catch basin will help keep our waste water from leaving the
property.  We also are starting to use our storage building to contain our pesticides and fertilizers.  This Storage shed is all metal so fire's are not an issue.  And having all the products in one seperatate building helps eliminate one more liability.

We purchased a used storage trailer to contain all of our fertilizers and pesticides.  Amazing what a coat of paint will do.

Every three years we need to be Re-certified to retain our Certification through Audubon International.  Last Monday I spent the morning explaining how we manage our property as environmentaly responsible as possible.  Pictured below are:

  • Nicole Liable:  Environmental Management Assistant, Rockland County
  • Margie Turrin, Education Coordinator from Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory - Columbia University.    
  • Ray Cywinski:   Watershed, Environmental resource manager for United Water New Jersey.  

All three were impressed with our efforts and how golf courses are good for our communities.
Nicole, Margie and Ray in front of our Audubon Bulletin Board.