Friday, July 31, 2015


Last day in July and we are in the middle of a heat wave.  The course is holding up fairly well. Things are nice and green.  I am amazed at how fast green speeds change.  We had a little storm roll through here last night and dumped 3 tenths of an inch on the course in about 15 minutes.  Not bad as far as storms go.  (it could have been much worse).     It must have released some of the fertilizer because the grass has exploded.   It makes for green greens but our ball roll dropped almost one foot. We are going to double cut and roll tomorrow to get things back to where we want to be.  Of course its going to be 90 again tomorrow which will make for a long day.  

Top:    Owel, Ted, and Greg Putting fountain in pond:

Right:    Fountain is up and running. We are having some problems with the lights.  I am hoping we just need to change a circuit breaker.  The electrician is scheduled to stop by Monday and check it out.

 We dug out the dirt path by 14 ladies tee and added 4 inches of gravel and topped with mulch.  A nice improvement and it only took Owel, Marcos, and Manuel one day to complete.   Next, I want to do the same thing to connect the paved paths on 4 and 5.  We use these areas more for maintenance than the players would use them.

This is the finished product.  Much nicer and a lot less dustier.  

Add another bird to the list!!!!  This is a Indigo Bunting perched on a tree on the right side of 14. I  Happened to hear him singing.  He is all blue and quite handsome.   I know its a "he" because the males are blue and the females are a brownish color.  First time I have ever seen one.