Thursday, April 16, 2015


This week we finally got some warm weather.  "THE GOOD" :  Whatever is looking better will probably recover in a few weeks.  'THE BAD":   If things aren't looking better it's time to prepare for the worse.   "UGLY" : The damaged areas look worse compared to the dark green grass.

Unfortunately we will be playing a temporary green on 15 for sometime to come.  It is by far our most damaged green and keeping it closed for play is critical until the new seedlings mature.  15 green  plus other damaged areas on greens will remain covered with a fabric that holds in moisture and heat to help seed germinate.  All greens have been fertilized, and seeded.  Some areas may be sodded with plugs taken from our nursery.   We will be mowing slightly higher and increasing fertilizer applications on all our greens for the next month to promote the grass to spread into damaged areas. We monitor the areas daily and are doing everything we can to speed up the recovery process.  Please be patient.  We have had two severe winters in a row.

areas were verticut in two directions to create "grooves" in soil for seed.  

Next, areas were aerified to allow seed to fall into holes.  
Close up view of process:  Then area is seeded and cleaned off.  
Clean Green that has been seeded.  

Area is covered with fabric to keep warm and retain moisture.