Saturday, March 7, 2015


March has certainly come in like a lion.  Let's hope it end's like a lamb.   We just had the 3rd coldest February on record.  Sorry for the glare on this picture it is from our computer screen.

Double Click to enlarge.  
Thank goodness for some snow.  Why?  because it acted like an insulator last month.  Our soil sensors measure Temperature, Moisture and Salinity.   In Season we look at them daily to adjust how much we irrigate.  This time of year we monitor soil temperatures.  When things start to warm up we know it's time to watch for freeze - thawing conditions that could damage turf.

This is our sensor located on the 5th green.   The upper sensor (about 2 inches deep)  went from 19.1 to  20.1.  The lower sensor (about 6 inches deep) went from 19.9 to 21.   When we were experiencing those sub - zero morning's the soil was at a balmy 19 degrees.

Ted is here showing off our new addition.  Our Thanksgiving Day Parade Toro Electric Cart.   

A new addition to our cart fleet.  We recently purchased this Electric turf vehicle from Toro.  You may have actually seen it before!!!!!   It is slightly used because it was in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

I just returned from our national conference in San Antonio.   I had the pleasure to speak at a couple of educational sessions.   Here I am talking about pollinators, In our case butterflies and native plants.  I also spoke about water shed issues and pump house construction.   I hope you can share with me my pride in Rockland Country Club. On some issues we are on the cutting edge of golf course management.  Thanks for your support.