Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Mid March and winter is still hanging on.  A lot of snow melted yesterday but unfortunately the forecast for the next few days in not very warming!!!  Right now it is hard to tell if we have suffered any winter damage.   Looking at the areas where the snow has melted things look pretty good.   One very important issue that can not be shown with a picture, is the smell.   last year when we removed the ice from the 14th  green the smell was awful.   I don't smell anything this year, which is a very good sign.

Picture from last week.  

This Picture is taken today.   Too much snow to think about opening.  

Lobby Day in Albany  

Last week I spent a Day in Albany with other industry leaders lobbying for the benefit of golf courses in our state.  Our industry is no different than any other and is becoming more and more regulated. A few of the issues are Pesticide Reporting, Bees and Pollinators, Applicator Fees, and a State definition of IPM.  (Integrated Pest Management).

Tony painting the Trim.  

You may not know this but we have apartments above the Greens Maintenance Facility.  Timmy our starter lives on one side.  The other side is for the Green Staff.   We are giving it a much needed freshening.
Owel painting the walls.