Friday, March 27, 2015


I am changing Ground Hog day to Ground Hog Season.   Did we not go through this last year?   Will this white stuff ever melt?    I guess it could be worst.  Actually last year was worse!!  At this point I am not 100 percent sure we have escaped with out any winter injury but I am sure we do not have the amount of injury that we had last year.   We are gearing up for the arrival of the seasonal staff.  A few are scheduled to return Monday.   I am anticipating opening at least the front side some time next week.  At least enough snow melted so we could get to the pump house.  We are using some of the extra space to store our irrigation parts.   We finished up removing some of the invasive grasses by the ninth tee.   To help move things along we shoveled the snow off of  10, 8, 15, and 2 greens this week.  I'm going to make a few phone calls today to the staff and make sure they are ready to return for another season.  Next up,  getting ready to open.

Installing shelves for Irrigation parts in the pump house

Finishing up burying some invasive grasses by 9 tee.  We started this last year and had to stop because of the weather.  
Happy to report we have a nesting owl on the course!!!!
Tried to zoom in for a better picture a little fuzzy but you can make out a chick next to the mother.  I should report that it is a Great Horned Owl.  They have been known to nest in old hawk nests which is what happened here.  By the time the hawks want to use the nest again, the Owls will be long gone.  Isn't nature amazing.