Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving : An easy day for the Greens and Grounds Department

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.    With the snow yesterday the course is closed making it an easy day for the Greens and Grounds Department.    Not so with the House staff as they prepare for the Thanksgiving day feast.  Everything looks delicious---Don't eat too much and make sure you save room for Dessert!!!

Course Closed Today !!!!   

Yunio and Victor taking a second out of  a busy day.   

Junior and Yunio getting ready for the feast.  

A busy day for the kitchen staff.  

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Today was our first real heavy frost.  According to the forecast we may be in for a lot more in the near future.  


 Last week was very productive.
14 green after drainage was installed.  
We finished the drainage in 14 green and added a drain on the left side of 10 green.  

 We Did the Dry-Ject and Needle Tine procedures on all of the greens and started laying sod around the edges of the cart paths.  

close up view of the greens after the procedures.
We had our professional Arborist evaluate the safety of this tree and unfortunately we need to take it down.  

Close up view of tree. It is  on the right side of 15 green.

Monday, November 10, 2014


This is going to be a busy week.   Today we started the drainage on 14 green.  We got a late start because of some frost.  So we will be working on it for most of the day tomorrow.   Once complete we will move to the tenth green and run some drainage pipe along the left side to pick up any water coming off the slope.    On Thursday and Friday we are doing our dry-ject and needle tine venting procedures.   There will be some temporary greens in play as we work around the course.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

A limb fell off  a nice oak tree by the 15th green last Monday.   We are going to review the damage with a certified arborist to see if we need to take down the entire tree.    

Oh yea.... and by the way we will be picking up leaves.   All in a weeks work :-)  

Removing sod and placing next to green.  
Sod is stacked and will be replaced after pipe and sand have been installed in trench. 

Procedure goes quite well as long as they don't hit any rocks!!!!

Digging trench.

Limb that fell off of Oak by 15 green.