Thursday, October 9, 2014


example of old path under newer one.  It became impossible to
grow turf next to the path when it got hot and dry.  
You can tell fall has arrived.  We just started getting our blowers and leaf mulching kits ready to roll.

We are busy fixing the edges of cart paths.   When we installed our new paths, in a few areas we covered the old ones.  In some cases we shifted the path in other cases the old paths were simply wider.  It will not take long we should be finished some time next week with good weather.   The old asphalt is simply removed and replaced with good soil.  We plan on sodding all the areas because it would be very difficult to seed with the cart traffic.

Our Irrigation contractor has started replacing a part inside
the sprinklers.  Unfortunately the sprinklers have to be dug up in order to correct the problem.  This is a warrantied item so it does not cost the club any money.   I have to say,
That the company really stands behind their product and wants
to make sure the system works
now and in the future.

Close up view.  
we are planning on dry-jetting and Needle Tining our greens this November.  Last week the company came and did a test run to show that it is not very disruptive.   This is a picture of the Putting green after they finished.   This is being done in lieu of the Deep Drill and Fill Procedures we did in the past.
Water and Sand are injected into the green.  

Putting green when finished.