Friday, September 5, 2014


At least that is what it seems like when it comes to aerification.   It only has been 18 days since we aerified our greens but it seems a lot longer.   I am happy to report that ball roll has improved tremendously.  Most of the holes have filled in and we are now maintaining them as usual.  That means we are cutting them with our hand mowers and rolling 4 times a week.   I expect them to be really good for the Member-Member in a couple of weeks.  

We sodded the area by the water falls on eight because the area was starting to get over grown and the view was being blocked.   The ornamental grasses that were planted there many years ago were spreading beyond control.   As time permits we will be addressing other areas around the course where this has happened.  A good example of this grass spreading is between two ladies tee and the first green.

I am happy to report that we have two new United States Citizens!!  Adonis who has worked here on the Greens and Grounds staff since 2002 and Aramus, who started here in 2001 have just completed the process and were sworn in last month.  Congratulations Adonis and Aramus!!!!

Greens looking much better.   Ball Roll has improved tremendously in a short time.

Close up view,  Holes are almost totally filled in.  
Removing the ornamental grasses and sodding the area has opened up the view of the water falls on eight.  


Congratulations Adonis (left) and Aramus (Below) for becoming United States Citizens this past month.