Tuesday, August 12, 2014


 Last weeks rains (4+ inches in 1.45 hours)  seem like a distant memory but they did some damage that will last for some time.   When bunkers wash out as bad as they did the sub-soil, rocks and gravel wash and mix with the bunker sand.   Over time this contaminates the sand and clogs drainage pipes.

This is the bunker back right of 16 green.  We actually removed most of the sand and refreshed with new sand because there were so many rocks mixed in.  Unfortunately the drainage pipe is also clogged and will require replacement.

The edges of some of the cart paths also washed out.   We use burlap bags filled with soil to hold it in place.  We put a small amount of top-soil and seed on the bags.  This helps prevent future wash outs.   Please try to not drive on the newly seeded areas.

 We are always looking for new creatures.   It's kind of funny when they land on you.   Here is a Comma that has taken a liking to Juan.