Tuesday, July 1, 2014


The member-Guest went very well.  We had great weather and everyone had a great time.  Congratulations to all the different flight winners.   With the major projects behind us, it's time to concentrate on maintenance. We have been putting extra time on mowing the rough.  With the new irrigation system and the ample rains we received this spring it is more than challenging.   Just as important as the height of cut is the frequency of cut.  We are trying to get the more in-play areas of the course mowed twice a week. This seems to be helping quite a bit.  One small project that has been on my list for a long time are the steps for 17 tee.   We finally got to fixing them and they look great.

If you have been following this blog you know that we landscaped the pump house will all native plants.  One of the plants is called Spicebush and is the host plant for the Spicebush Butterfly.  I don't know how she found it but she did.   We already have one Caterpillar who has made our pump house it's home.  It's amazing how fast the butterflies found these new plants.   Nature is truly amazing.

worn area by 17 tee. 
Owel and Marcos installing the steps. 
The finished product.  

This is Spicebush next to the pump house.  When searching for Spice bush caterpillars look for folded leafs.  that's where they hide.  
Right above my thumb nail is a spice bush caterpillar.  click to enlarge picture.  They are pretty handsome creatures if I do say so myself.  Amazing how fast they found these plants!!!
Here is a picture of a Spicebush Butterfly that I took earlier this year. They are in the Swallowtail family  which are some the the larger  butterflies we have.