Friday, July 25, 2014


I am happy to report that Rockland Country Club has been designated an “Operation Pollinator” golf course.   This program is sponsored by Syngenta and was started in the U.K.   They recently launched the program here in the United Sates.    There are currently only a few courses in the country with this distinction.    Its purpose is to promote and save our pollinators.  

·     In 1970, there were about 4 million honey bee colonies in the U.S.  In 2012 , there were approximately  2.5 million colonies, according to a national survey

 ·         Bee’s geographic ranges have diminished by 23 to 87 percent. 

 ·         Almost one- third of our global food supply depends on insect pollinators to help pollinate flowering      plants, including more than 100 North American Crop species. 

This program fits right in with the rest of our environmental efforts and helps us maintain our Audubon Certification Status.  

Mr. Lee Kozsey  presenting our new Plaque 

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Last fall I participated in helping a new TV show do an episode on "holes".   From What I can tell it looks like the episode will  air on Monday night (July 21st) at 10:00 pm.  The name of the show is "Going Deep with David Rees" and is on the National Geographic Channel.    Not sure how long or how much of the course will be shown.  We filmed on the 18th green.   It was a lot of fun and I didn't break the camera.

Friday, July 18, 2014


Freddy and his helper preparing the area for some new asphalt.  
The week started off very wet.  We received over three inches of rain from Sunday night to Tuesday Morning But the place took it well.  We got a good jump on some of our paving.  The area by the putting green and turn around area on three are complete.  We need to fix a few more spots as you head down number one to the pump-house.

Owel mowing greens step cut.  

 We started incorporating a step cut around our greens. We will lower it slowly until we get it at the height of our regular step cut.  Now is not the time to be scalping down grass so it may take awhile but we will get there.

we will lower the height slowly until it matches the height around our fairways.  
14 green looking Good!!!!

 I am very happy to report that we are now mowing our winter damaged greens like the rest of the course.  They have healed up nicely and although not perfect they are acceptable.
We have some germination on our roof.  It is a start  
A variegated Fritillary---a very good find
A Buckeye Butterfly by three ladies tee

Thursday, July 10, 2014



An adult and Juvenile hawk eating a squirrel they caught on hole 13.  

This is an American Painted Lady butterfly on Purple Cone flower by 17 green.  

Please watch where you drive.   Once the flowers get knocked over they don't stand back  up  

Happy to report that our Purple Martins are doing fine. 

Our Pump-House Spicebush Caterpillar has really grown.  

This is an Eastern Comma.  He was very nice to me and stayed still long enough for me to take his picture

This Monarch was hatched at the shop.  I have only found one Caterpillar so far this year.    I saw my second Monarch butterfly today so hopefully they will start to arrive.  Better late than never.  

Starting to get some germination on the roof.  It will take at least two seasons for the roof to become  fully established.  

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


The member-Guest went very well.  We had great weather and everyone had a great time.  Congratulations to all the different flight winners.   With the major projects behind us, it's time to concentrate on maintenance. We have been putting extra time on mowing the rough.  With the new irrigation system and the ample rains we received this spring it is more than challenging.   Just as important as the height of cut is the frequency of cut.  We are trying to get the more in-play areas of the course mowed twice a week. This seems to be helping quite a bit.  One small project that has been on my list for a long time are the steps for 17 tee.   We finally got to fixing them and they look great.

If you have been following this blog you know that we landscaped the pump house will all native plants.  One of the plants is called Spicebush and is the host plant for the Spicebush Butterfly.  I don't know how she found it but she did.   We already have one Caterpillar who has made our pump house it's home.  It's amazing how fast the butterflies found these new plants.   Nature is truly amazing.

worn area by 17 tee. 
Owel and Marcos installing the steps. 
The finished product.  

This is Spicebush next to the pump house.  When searching for Spice bush caterpillars look for folded leafs.  that's where they hide.  
Right above my thumb nail is a spice bush caterpillar.  click to enlarge picture.  They are pretty handsome creatures if I do say so myself.  Amazing how fast they found these plants!!!
Here is a picture of a Spicebush Butterfly that I took earlier this year. They are in the Swallowtail family  which are some the the larger  butterflies we have.