Saturday, May 17, 2014


Although not in perfect condition we have opened up 10 and 15 greens for play.   Their are enough good hole locations that we feel we can avoid playing from the damaged areas.  We will use marking flags to designate areas as ground under repair.  If your ball lands in the flagged area please play from nearest spot no closer to the hole.   14 green is our most damaged green and their are no good hole locations available.  We will have to wait until the new grass is strong enough to allow play.   We will continue seeding thin areas, mowing at a higher height of cut, top-dressing and nurturing new seedlings on all three greens as well as isolated spots on our other greens. 

11 tee is finished.  We will haul extra fill material to the sides of 2 and 15 tees to soften slopes.  Once that is finished the surfaces will be leveled and the root mix (soil) will be added.   With good weather we should be finished by Memorial Day and they will be ready for play in a few more weeks.  The pump house if finished, all that remains is the roof and landscaping.  

15 Green open for play today.  

10 green open today 

14 green looks much better 

14 green thin areas.  needs more time for seed to grow and spread. 

11 tee is finished.  

working on 15 Black tee today.