Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Finally we got some warmer weather and some soaking rains which  have helped our damaged greens. (and everything else)    We got a real good catch with the seed and now we just need time for it to mature enough to spread and handle play.  I am happy to report that last Friday we got our irrigation system up and running. We still need to check all the heads and make sure they are adjusted properly but it sure is nice to hit a few buttons and watch the sprinklers keep the seed moist.  Speaking of Irrigation and pump house,  they are putting the finishing touches on the trim work.   Next is the landscaping and the green roof.   

The contractor started the tees yesterday.  He assures me that he will be here until the job is complete. Given good weather it shouldn't take too long.  

We are planning on opening 10 and 15 greens this FRIDAY for the member guest.  14 will be open at a later date.  
Mowing 10 green.   We are opening it for play on Friday.  It is being mowed higher than our other greens so it will be slow for awhile.  

contractor working on 11 tee.