Thursday, May 29, 2014


Some good news!!!  We are opening up the fourteenth green for play tomorrow.

I asked Adam Moeller, Turf Agronomist for the USGA to come do a site visit and give me his opinion on how we have handled the harsh winter.  We toured the course with Green Chairman, Tom Torpey and Club President Al Leotta.   Adam feels, (and I agree) that although not perfect the seed has matured enough to handle play.    We have a long summer to get through and all three damaged greens will contine to be pampered but it is nice to have all 18 greens open for play.

I am happy with the progress we have made.  We got a great catch with the seed and it is starting to pay dividends.

14 green on April 14, 2014

14 green on May 29, 2014

10 and 15 are also doing better:   ( Mr. Mattana made the putt for his first birdie of the year!!)  

We started our green roof on our pump house today.   Here is Owel showing the Drainage material that goes on top of the rubber membrane.  He and Chico are spreading the special growing material.

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Although not in perfect condition we have opened up 10 and 15 greens for play.   Their are enough good hole locations that we feel we can avoid playing from the damaged areas.  We will use marking flags to designate areas as ground under repair.  If your ball lands in the flagged area please play from nearest spot no closer to the hole.   14 green is our most damaged green and their are no good hole locations available.  We will have to wait until the new grass is strong enough to allow play.   We will continue seeding thin areas, mowing at a higher height of cut, top-dressing and nurturing new seedlings on all three greens as well as isolated spots on our other greens. 

11 tee is finished.  We will haul extra fill material to the sides of 2 and 15 tees to soften slopes.  Once that is finished the surfaces will be leveled and the root mix (soil) will be added.   With good weather we should be finished by Memorial Day and they will be ready for play in a few more weeks.  The pump house if finished, all that remains is the roof and landscaping.  

15 Green open for play today.  

10 green open today 

14 green looks much better 

14 green thin areas.  needs more time for seed to grow and spread. 

11 tee is finished.  

working on 15 Black tee today.  

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Finally we got some warmer weather and some soaking rains which  have helped our damaged greens. (and everything else)    We got a real good catch with the seed and now we just need time for it to mature enough to spread and handle play.  I am happy to report that last Friday we got our irrigation system up and running. We still need to check all the heads and make sure they are adjusted properly but it sure is nice to hit a few buttons and watch the sprinklers keep the seed moist.  Speaking of Irrigation and pump house,  they are putting the finishing touches on the trim work.   Next is the landscaping and the green roof.   

The contractor started the tees yesterday.  He assures me that he will be here until the job is complete. Given good weather it shouldn't take too long.  

We are planning on opening 10 and 15 greens this FRIDAY for the member guest.  14 will be open at a later date.  
Mowing 10 green.   We are opening it for play on Friday.  It is being mowed higher than our other greens so it will be slow for awhile.  

contractor working on 11 tee.  

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


We expect to keep 10 and 15 greens closed until May 16.  The greens will not be totally recovered by then but we expect the new seed to be mature enough to handle play.  They will continue to be mowed higher than our other greens and we will continue to seed into the damaged areas.   We will be topdressing and nurturing them for quite some time.  They may not look very good but I am hoping to achieve descent ball roll.  14 green is going to take some more time.   We may open it on Memorial day and close it on weekdays for a few more weeks to give it more time.  It is by far our worst green.

Pump house update:  As I write this, Ed is installing and calibrating our pumps.  The electric was turned on yesterday.   Barring any major problems we should be able to water by Friday.  We Still need to check all the pipes for leaks and make sure all the heads work properly so it will be another week before I am comfortable enough to say we are up and running. 

The pump house itself is almost finished.  We need to put trim around the exterior roof line, finish up the electric, install the green roof and landscape.  The improvements to the building have turned out to be a nice environmental project and fit right in with our efforts for sustainability.  We will use all native plants when we landscape.  Far from the Bamboo that was there before.   

Our tee contractor has been on Jury duty.  He is hoping to get here this week.  Once he starts it should not take him long.  We did not want to sod any way until we had water.  

We planted some trees between 6 and 7 to replace the old Norway Maples that were there.  They were removed because of the roots under them.   In a few short years you will want to hit the fairway on that hole. 

If you think a watched pot never boils you should try watching seed!!!!    
14 green is our worst and will take more time 

15 green has gotten better.

We have gotten a lot of seed to germinate.  

Ed is installing the motor drives on our pumps.   We hope to start filling the pipes this afternoon and testing tomorrow.

Saturday is the North American Bird watch.   This is a Brown Thrasher that  I spotted today.  He is known as one of the best songsters.   I hope he hangs around until Saturday!!!